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Landscape & Wildlife Art

Canada is a huge country, more than 6,000 kilometres across, containing an astounding variety of landscapes.

Since the days of the Group of Seven artists, art buyers have been drawn to the Canadian Landscape.  In more recent decades, artists like Robert Bateman have pulled art buyers into the delightful world of Canadian Wildlife.

Brad's art celebrates both of these popular themes.

Women of Toronto Series

Brad's latest works are bigger and more specific than ever before.  Attracted to the human body and female form, as well as the many landmarks that are the world-class city of Toronto, Brad's latest series - Women Of Toronto - celebrates humanity and its largest Canadian city.

Historical, Marine & 

Sports Art

History, things along the coasts and in our oceans. as well as things of a sporting nature: Brad has worked hard to create accessible and attractive original art dealing with things from the past, things on the water, and the exiting world of sports...subjects that other artists don't touch.



Brad has done many commissioned paintings for people and groups - for retirement, birthday, Christmas and anniversary gifts. These require sufficient time to complete.  Once you have your idea in mind, contact Brad and discuss it.  All paintings take at least 20 hours to complete.  A deposit of 50% is required before Brad commences work on your commission. 

Purchasing a series of Brad's paintings

While individual works are often ideal, sometimes - such as in office settings - you may want a theme throughout the walls.  This can also be true in your condo, or on one level of your home.  Discounts are available for the purchase of more than one painting at a time.


Brad will do specific drawings on a commission basis.  Otherwise, his drawings and sketches used in the creation of each piece are not for sale.

Pastel works

Pastel lends a different air to the work.  Brad will do work in either oil or chalk pastel if you desire it.  These are commission pieces only.  


This is a new area for Brad and presently there are no sculptures for sale.


Brad typically works from photographs and he takes a decent number every year.  Original photos are for sale should you desire them.  Often they are studies for a painting and so include a variety of angles and lighting.

All Brad's paintings are one of a kind.  There are no duplicates or copies made. 

 These one-of-a-kind works are yours alone to buy and enjoy.  

And when you want to sell them, they will have increased in value over time.

Tax Benefits To Buying Canadian Fine Art

When you invest in artwork you must have knowledge, time and patience just as you do when you invest in real estate or the stock market; however, in addition to diversifying your wealth, buying artwork is a pleasurable experience. But above and beyond the profitability aspect, investing in a work of art depends on your preference for a painting or a particular artist, on your knowledge of the artist and his works and, obviously, on his reputation.

The Quebec and Canadian governments have recognized the importance of encouraging the Canadian art market and its creators and they have implemented tax incentives intended to promote the purchase of Canadian artwork and encourage donations to museums and public institutions. The principal measures adopted by the governments to assist the cultural industry and, more specifically visual arts, are summarized below.

Encouraging purchases of Canadian artwork 

For a company, buying artwork for its offices represents an investment of the heart that humanizes the workplace and infuses creative spirit. Whether it's moving or daring--in form or content--it can inspire us and, in some way, support business owners who spend long hours at the office. Art in the workplace also creates a professional, quality environment that benefits everyone who works there while enhancing the company's image with clients and partners. By purchasing the work of local artists or young emerging artists, business owners are taking significant actions as good corporate citizens to support art and creativity.

Buying artwork, paintings, etchings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, etc. is considered as an amortization expense for corporations or individuals who operate a business. It qualifies as a tax deduction provided that certain criteria are met. The artwork must have been created by a Canadian artist and must be related to the business’s commercial activities, for example, it must be exhibited in a place of business where it will be seen by clients. If the

purchase meets these criteria, the buyer is entitled to a declining deduction of 33% of the cost of purchasing the artwork (class 8.1) at the provincial level and of 20% (class 8) at the federal level. Some works of art are, however, excluded and do not qualify for a tax credit, more specifically works having a value of less than $200 or created

prior to the 1900s – created over 100 years ago. Moreover, if the buyer is a GST and QST registrant, he can recover the

taxes paid at the time of purchasing the artwork by claiming input tax credits.


Investing in artwork can offer attractive tax deductions, not to mention that you and your clients will have the pleasure of seeing the artwork exhibited in your place of business. Lastly, if you choose to invest in the works of Canadian artists, you will gain substantial benefits when you sell the artwork.

"Brad's paintings are amazing.  He is a very talented artist."


Sarnia, Ontario

"Brad's subject matter is the sort of original fine art that I hang on my walls at home and at my office."


Strathroy, Ontario

"In Toronto I have seen an artist selling a plain yellow panel...for $4,000!  Really?  Now, Brad's work is more my style - understandable, with many hours going into each piece."


Toronto, Ontario


71C Front Street West, Strathroy, Ontario, Canada    N7G 1X6

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